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Hootenanny Ribs
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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Fall FWD: Top 10 Reasons to Love Autumn

There is a hint of cooler weather in the air. Tolerable nights, bluer skies, leaves hinting at turning colors, can mean one thing: autumn is near. It is the most desirable season in East Tennessee; I always look forward to fall. Post-Labor Day means that many loved things will begin in earnest.

The Top Ten great things to love about autumn (from a Southerner's perspective):
10.  The World Series, The Fall Classic. Baseball in cool crisp fall weather is near-perfect. 

 9.  The annual craft beer releases of Oktoberfest Märzen and Pumpkin beers mean that Oktoberfests are near - think German food, beers and Oompah music.

 8.  Apples. Our annual seasonal pilgrimage to Rowell's Orchard in Crossville, TN means apple pies, apple cider, apple cakes, apple fritters, apple butter... apple anything is good with me.

7.  The annual Blues, Brews and BBQ Hootenanny: great food, beers, and music. @HootenannyTN

6.  Cooler weather, which leads to the fall colors, more fire pit usage and even more cookouts and BBQs.  Autumn turns East Tennessee into the most beautiful peaceful place on earth.

5.  Pumpkins. They're usually orange, tasty, big and just plain fun. Pick your own at the pumpkin patches (which, locally, is right next to the corn maze.)  Like apples, you get pumpkin pies, pumpkin butter, pumpkin pancakes, pumpkin spice lattes, even pumpkin beers. Also used for Jack-o-lanterns during...

4.  Halloween. Many children's favorite day; candy and sugar overdose day. What other day do kids AND adults get to go out in costume? All Hallows' Eve.

3.  Fewer mosquitoes. Mosquitoes love me. Late summer means I must slather myself in DEET-fortified insect repellent just to walk the dog. Fewer bugs in general is a good thing. Don't underestimate my hatred of mosquitoes; they are the bane of my summer existence. 

2.  The annual feast of epic proportion that is Thanksgiving. There is not one negative thing that can be said about this Holiday. We all learned how it started. We all need to give thanks. We all need a nap after eating.  Then we watch...

1. FOOTBALL. It is said that in the South there are three seasons: football season, recruiting season and spring practice. High school, college, NFL - football is king. In the South, SEC football absolutely rules.  Tailgating. Massive stadiums. Rivalries. Tradition. Championships. Football brings families together, or tears them apart. Please do not schedule a wedding on a football Saturday in the South.  Football is 24/7/365 around here. And that's the way we like it.

Did I miss any? What are your Top Ten things about autumn?  
Enjoy the fall weather, get out to a local festival or two, get some apples and pumpkins, but most of all, enjoy your favorite football team - tailgate, cheer for your favorite team and Just Win, Baby!


  1. #11: For us ladies, fall clothes...especially boots. Das boot, for you. :)

    1. I like boots and I like Das Boot during autumn.

  2. Best time of year for long motorcycle rides in the Blue Ridge or Smoky Mountains!